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Hi, I just want to know about the participation of the opposite sex in FEMINIST.COM. I embrace some of the things FEMINIST.COM stands for. In most instances I find that feminist organizations see the male as evil. The way we can best deal with societal problems is not for us to take extreme views. What we need is for us to acknowledge our differences and work it from there, anything else is just playing at it. I hope that my comment will be appreciated. -En-Kay

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and for taking the time to clear up what I see as a misunderstanding. The point of FEMINIST.COM is not to paint "male as evil", but to provide a network of feminist minded organizations--male and female alike. The resources at FEMINIST.COM cover a variety of topics and each one has at its core equality. Unfortunately, in many instances what is standing in equality's way is the fact that we have an imbalanced society--one where men have more power than women. In order to equal things out, men may have to "lose" some power and women have to "gain" some. This is, of course, a simple way of looking at it. Looking at it this way isn't "anti-male"---although I can see how it may seem that way. However, I would hope that any self-respecting person who supports equality would see that this is what is necessary--and that it is not about simply "anti-male/pro-female."

I know that feminism can only progress so far being backed by women--it requires both men and women. Thanks again for taking the time to respond and for striving toward equality.


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