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I am a journalism major and have just received an assignment in one of my English classes. The assignment is to read "The Beauty Myth" by Naomi Wolf and then find three advertisements in a magazine and either support her claims or expose her as just a loony feminist. I believe that not only in recent years, but also in years past women have been treated less equally than men. Is there any specific type of research, quote, etc. to help research for my paper. Thank you for your time.

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and I agree that women have been treated less equally than men both in recent years and in the past as well. The advantage to today is that women have more options. The disadvantage is that more people than ever before are fighting against us having those choices. It is an age old problem and one that seems to be overcome one day at a time. For your report, I suggest that, in addition to reading The Beauty Myth, which will surely expose how the beauty industry attempts to control women by presenting us with a "perfect woman"--you read Gloria Steinem's article "Sex, Lies and Advertising." You can find this article in her book, Moving Beyond Words. For advertisements for your presentation, you should reference any recent issue of Ms. Magazine, which your school library should have. On the last page there is a section "No Comment," which reprints truly tasteless and sexist ads.

Good luck with your report and, hopefully with "supporting [Naomi Wolf's] claims."


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