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I am a girl doing a research project on discrimination to women from the early 1900's to the 1990's. Can you help me please? Also can you tell me who were some of the first women to do certain spectacular things? Sincerely, Jessica

As for your first question....which is overwhelming in itself.....there are so many ways that women have been discriminated against. Often times we don't fully understand how destructive this discrimination is until we have already lived through it. One of the most obvious ways that women were discriminated against at the beginning of the century is that they didn't have the right to vote, which they finally won in the early 1920s. Likewise it wasn't until around this time that women could own or inherit property.

Throughout the century--including today, women have been discriminated against in health care. It wasn't until recently that medical testing--including breast cancer--was actually done on women. Likewise, more money has always been alloted to curing predominatly "male" health care problems than female ones.

In the workforce....on average, women continue to earn only 80 cents to every dollar a man earns. Also, although a few women have attained high levels in previously male fields, too many women are still stuck in low-wage jobs.

In sports.......women don't have access to funding, equipment and careers like men do..

This is only a start, but hopefully you can take it from here. It is best to look at your own life. Do the female teachers in your school make the same money as the male teachers? Do the girls sports teams have as good uniforms and playing time as men? Are there equal numbers of men and women in advanced math and science classes? What do women do after school? What about men? When a boy has sex with a girl, is he proud? Is she ashamed?

As for your latter question, there is a great book called The Book of Women's Firsts by Phyllis J. Read and Bernard L. Witlieb, published by Random House, 1992. This book sounds like the perfect place to start. I hope these help


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