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Hi, this is Nila. I am doing a research paper about black feminism. This essay will address the following issues: What is black feminist thought? What are some of its major themes? How and why was it constructed? What does it respond to? And what does it critique? I need your help. Please write me some ideas and your own opinion about those questions.

Thanks for your note. I personally don't separate black feminism from white, latina, native american, asian.... feminism, so I don't think that I am the best person to answer your question. If you If you look in this section under past Feminism Q&A's or do a search for "womanism" using the search engine on the Ask Amy main page, you should discover one Q&A where I reference "womanism". Specifically I quote an article written by Gloria Steinem. I suggest that you read this Q&A for a specific answer to your question. I also suggest that you look at the work of bell hooks (specifically Ain't I A Woman) and Barbara Smith (specifically Some of Us Are Brave), both of whom have written on the topic of black women and feminism. There is also a great magazine that comes out of Spellman.. I think it is called Sage...and it is edited by Beverly Guy-Sheftell. This would be a great source, too. Good luck with your paper and I hope this helps.

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