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Hello friends...my name is Heidi. I'm a young feminist in tropical south Florida and, as many activists do, I've fallen into an abyss of apathy and shortcomings. Luckily the net exists for the chain-links of human cooperation are rusting away and disintegrating upon hitting the ground. I'm a part of NOW on campus (Florida Atlantic U.) but it's so hard to get people into action. At points, I'd really like to rally individually. I suppose I do...my aura is feminism...I live and breathe feminism....I don't know. Act Locally think Globally? I wish I had some really charismatic people around me who could help rile things up...until then, we'll all have to suffer while checking out groceries....the bombardment of the media is sickening...I don't know what the hell to do anymore! Keep me in mind, would you please? I'm soaring as high as I can but I'd love a flock with whom to fly with...y'know, to make the time go quicker! :) It's good to see so many outlets for feminists....the fight is not over, there's still so much more to be done...I've got on my rubber gloves! Be well sistrens, Peace.

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com and for continuing to fuel the fire. I can empathize with your frustration. There are so many times when I feel like screaming because of other peoples' ability to simultaneously complain about what's wrong and refuse to do anything about it. I have found that the best way to motivate people is to show them how a given issue directly impacts their life--i.e. student loans, health insurance or lack there of, inaccessible public transportation.... One of the biggest problems with younger people is that we don't yet connect these "external" issues to our own lives. We wait until they become a reality in our life or in the life of someone close to us. So that means it is harder for us to be motivated to change things. For these reasons, the work that you are doing is so important. You are "educating" people before it becomes a problem in their own life. I just hope that they realize the "service" you are providing and soon start to lend a hand.

I hope the Internet is providing at least a glimmer of comfort. There is also Third Wave, a national organization by, for and about young feminists. Both of these can at least provide a sense of unity and hopefully help you to feel less isolated. Good luck with everything and thank you keeping feminism alive and well in south Florida.


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