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Is it possible to reconcile Christianity with the feminist movement. I am a Christian, but I also believe in women's rights...Just asking. - Amber

The short answer is "yes" you can reconcile your christianity with feminism. The longer answer--which I don't have--is how to go about doing this. There are many people out there who have successfully done it. The best example that I know of is Frances Kissling who is the president of Catholics for a Free Choice. She does a great job of explaining how it's not necessarily the bible or Catholic Doctrine that is anti-equality, but those who are given the power and respect to interpret it and be the spokespeople for it. Another great example is the writer and historian Karen Armstrong. Look for her books on God and Christianity in the bookstore. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and to not feel compromised by your either your religion or your feminism.

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