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Hi my name is Mira. I am a university student and am doing an essay on "critiquing the family from a feminist's point of view". I am pleading for the help of any feminist that can help me... I would appreciate an e-mail telling me what branch of feminism that you believe in and how it is that you view the "family" from that feminist point of view. I am much appreciative of any insights that you can give me. Thank you kindly, Mira

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and to be clear...I believe that there is only one branch of feminist. I think the divisions of "power feminists" etc... is a tool of those who oppose feminists--to divide and conquer as it were.

As for family....my take on family is that it is what you make of it. That means biologicaly related or not. It's more a sense of community than obligation. I think that the family should be a place of respect, not one based on top down domination, which in most cases means father, mother, children. It should be about individuality not gender roles. My family is my mother and my aunt--and then I have a very big extended family (as I call it)--of friends and other mothers.

For some good books on parenting from a feminist persective, please see: The Politics of Parenthood by Mary Frances Berry. That should be a start.


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