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I need opinions! My name is Jenna and I'm a Central Washington University student. This quarter I'm currently enrolled in Introduction to Women Studies and have an essay paper assigned to me. The class has been a great disappointment and I hope this assignment will give me a better grip on issues today. The question chosen to tackle is: What are the five most important issues facing women today? Please let me know any ideas and/or opinions. The more thoughts the better so I will be able to cover what women face today. Feel free to share a story of poopy professor or school experience which left you in such disappointment that the threat of not passing the course didn't even spark you. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Jenna - CWU student and struggling feminist

Thanks for your note and I'm sorry that your class hasn't been more interesting. Laundry Listing--i.e. what are the five most important issues facing women today? -- is always a bad and ineffective thing. There are too many variables--what women?--young, old, rich, heterosexual, latina, disabled; and where? in the U.S., Russia, rural India...

Although most issues are women's issues, the degree to which they affect women of different "groups" and geographic area varies a great deal.

As for general, here's a start:

  1. Economic Security (or lack there of)
  2. Violence--in our homes, on the streets....
  3. Control over our bodies/Reproductive Freedom--i.e. reproduction or no reproduction; protection against STD's...
  4. Education--access to equal education and respect once we get there, including ensuring that what we learn is equal.
  5. Access to decision making power--in our families, in our jobs, in the government.

I hope this helps---good luck.