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Although I myself am not female, I am outraged at the way women are being treated around the world and would like to help you in your fight against gender discrimination. Females are human beings too and deserve 100% as much respect and rights as men do. My face turned red with rage when I read about the rape situations and the fact that women have to cover themselves from head to toe when they go outside in some countries. I am only 16 years old but I feel it's time to help females take action against these politically incorrect things that are happening to girls and women all over the world!! Please tell me how I can help you. Sexism has reached it's expiration date and must be thrown away forever. My name is DeRosset and I would love to help so please respond to this letter as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your note and for lending your support to ensuring the equality of all people. As many feminists say, the we have half way towards equality--we have examples of women doing what men can do, but we still have too few examples of men doing what women can do--especially childrearing. As a white person and as a heterosexual, I know that I need to say "that isn't funny" to racist and homophobic jokes. For some reason it has a greater effect if the "other" person says it. Following this example, I think that it is important for men to say "why aren't there more female CEO's or why are women 99% of secretaries?" in order to get us to a more equal place.

So any support you can lend will be greatly welcomed. You might want to check out our section of Pro-Feminist Men's Groups for more ideas and resources. Good luck to you--and on behalf of women everywhere, thanks for believing that feminism involves men, too.


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