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Good day - I'm a junior at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota and I'm writing my practice disertation on Gloria Steinem's early years (pre-1974) and I'm having difficulty finding some information on her. Specifically, I'm looking for a copy of her essay entitled, "The Un-Opposite Sex" that she wrote about her father. If possible, could someone please download from a computer file and e-mail it to me or send me an e-mail on sources that I could use to find this? Thank you very much for your time and patience. - Jo

For information about Gloria Steinem pre-1974 you should see her introduction, "Life Between the Lines", to Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, which talks about these years (Visit the Feminist.com Bookstore to buy this book) . There is also a biography by Carolyn Heilbrun, The Education of A Woman, which goes into great detail about these years. As for "The Un-Opposite Sex," that was an article that Gloria wrote for either Time or Newsweek. A call to their research departments should bring this up. Good luck.

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