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I'm on a quest for substantial information concerning the Third Wave of Feminism, unfortunately, I've run into a lot of dead ends. If there you have any possible suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. It's for a Women's Studies research paper. -Sarah

Before I repeat myself, please use the search engine on the Ask Amy main page and search for "Third Wave." I have frequently been asked questions about the Third Wave. In essence, the Third Wave is following the First Wave of feminism, which was the suffragist and abolitionist era that secured basic rights for women--the right to vote, own property, inheritance, and the Second Wave of feminism, which began in the mid-1960's worked hard to push these legal limits and give us more examples of what women--and men--can do. The Third Wave started in the early 1990's and was really in response to young women not feeling connected to the Second Wave. However, the confusing part is whether the Third Wave is a generational thing--as the name implies--or a piece of the movement that helps young women to feel more involved. That I'm not sure about. So as not to reinvent the wheel every decade or so, I'm in favor of the the latter.

As for what the Third Wave stands for....I think that it is about pushing the boundaries even further. Most Third Wavers grew up having a more realistic example of what the world looks like...whether it be racial and religious diversity, class realities, more openess about our sexuality...we have more examples today of "what could be" therefore, we are more likely to pursue that for ourselves and others. As Third Wavers, we also have an invisibility that comes with age, that feeling of immortality that is necessary to remain committed to this movement that seems larger than life.

As I suggested, please do a search under Ask Amy to get more examples of the Third Wave. If none of these help, please let me know---thanks and good luck.


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