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G'day. I was just checking the web to see if it could help me find some "political ideas central to feminism." Can somebody at this address help me? I'm a first year uni student in Canberra, Australia trying to write a paper. Please help me. Thanks very much. - Rebecca

Your question is pretty vague, but for starters, some "political ideas central to feminism are"--emphasis on "some":

-Reproductive Freedom..i.e. that women's bodies shouldn't be a political issue.

-Equal pay for work of equal value. It's not enough that women earn what men do in similar jobs, which they don't. This idea gets to the root of the problem that in most instances when a profession is more than 70% female it is an underpaid profession. And when it is more than 70% male it is a higher paid profession.

-Health Care--given that women use the health care system more than men, we are more in need of a health care system that works for everyone.

-Equality/Parity--equal representation in political appointments, positions, and all areas.

I hope this helps - and good luck at Uni.


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