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I am a young white male. I do not consider myself a feminist, or a mysogynist; my philosophy is equalist. I have some questions concerning your group:
1) Is FEMINIST.COM for or against affirmative action?
2) Is FEMINIST.COM for or against pornography?
3) What, in your beliefs, is the proper definition of sexual harrassment?
4) FEMINIST.COM makes a list of women-owned businesses. Is it more important for a woman to make money then a man?
5) Does FEMINIST.COM believe in women and men working together toward goals or in the seperatist view?
6) Is FEMINIST.COM in support of gay equality?

I cannot speak for FEMINIST.COM, which is an organization of many individuals, therefore, the following is only my personal response/opinion:

1) I am for affirmative action programs as a way of ensuring that every qualified person has equal access to jobs.
2) I am against pornography which degrades, exploits, and victimizes women and children. I am for erotica, which promotes equal sexual exploration.
3) Sexual harrassment is when an employer makes sexually explicit comments and gestures toward an employee (as defined by the employee) and further makes these advances while hindering/encouraging advancement in the workforce.
4) It is equally important for women and men to make money.
5) We--men and women--cannot survive without working together.
6) I would support your right to be gay as much as I would support your right to be heterosexual.


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