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This is one of the best sites on women that I have seen. I am working on a paper for my Sociology class - Nationality and Race Relations. The topic of my paper is Women of Color in Contemporary Women's Movement. Do you have any web pages/books/papers that you can direct me to? I am planning on talking mainly about the second and third movements. Any help would be appreciated!! —Janelle, Senior Psych Major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com and for your words of praise. About your paper, I'm not sure about websites, but I have a few books you should check out--hopefully available through any library research or through the Feminist.com Bookstore:

-Due out this Spring--The Third Wave--young women of color writing about feminism, published by Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press. (phone # 718-935-1082)

-Anthologys that have essays related to your topic from "Third Wave feminists": Listen Up: Voices From the Next Feminist Generation edited by Barbara Findlen, published by Seal Press (Particularly Tyra Miles; Cheryl Green and Veronica Chambers) and To Be Real, edited by Rebecca Walker, published by Anchor Books.

-For more personal stories from "third wavers" see: Am I The Last Virgin? edited by Tara Roberts; Mama's Girl by Veronica Chambers and all books by Edwidge Dandicat.

For magazines see: Latina magazine (published by the same people who publish Essence - phone # (212) 642-0600) and HUES Magazine [no longer in publication].

For second wave books see: All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men, But Some of Us Are Brave edited by Gloria Hull, Patricia Bell Scott, and Barbara Smith; Black Women in White America edited by Gerda Lerner; This Bridge Called My Back (I can't remember the author). Also, anything by bell hooks.

For anthologys with a little of all waves see: Race, Class and Gender, edited by Margaret Andersen and Patricia Hill Collins and Race, Class and Gender, edited by Paula S. Rothenberg.

- For 1st and 2nd and some 3rd wave---Black Women in America (an encyclopedia) edited by Darlene Clark Hine, published by Carlson Publishing.

I hope the above is helpful--good luck.


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