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Although this may seem like a very silly question, I would like to know exactly what a feminist is. The only definition I know regarding a feminist is that he/she is a person who demands equality for women. Please describe for me the major beliefs and/or goals of a feminist. This is one of those "burning questions" or a thirst that must be quenched by the responder to this letter. I would appreciate the information very much. Thank you. —Samantha

There are many definitions of what a feminist is--the simplest and probably the best is what is listed in most dictionaries—"a person who believes in the full equality of women and men." This means anyone--male or female--who supports this idea can be a feminist. As for goal of feminism is equality--and that means both that women do what men have done (be fire fighters and corporate executives) and that men do what women have done (be stay-at-home fathers and secretaries). Not until we have it equal at both ends will it be equal. And I guarantee you—when men start being 50% of secretaries or 50% of fathers—those careers will become much more valued.

It also means that girls sports should have as much support as boys sports and that neither men or women should be afraid of walking home alone at night.

For more examples, please see Feminism. I hope this is helpful.


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