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A friend and I are doing a report for a class of mine on whether or not women should submit to their husbands. We have to defend our position in front of the class after writing the report. My friend and I both feel that a woman should never have to submit to her husband, but we are having trouble finding sources to support our side. Do you have any ideas or recommendations on where we could find some anti-submission sources? Thank you for your help!

The best way to support the fact that women shouldn't submit themselves to their husband's is by asking the reverse: should a husband submit himself to his wife? Of course not - and furthermore, if a husband wants his wife to submit herself to him, then she should find a new husband. Relationships should be based on mutual respect and understanding, not on one person being superior to the other. I hope that helps - and furthermore, I hope that after your report no one would ever even consider this an option again.


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