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If you focus on Humanity rather than women you will make a greater impact in the world. How can I learn about a woman, how to treat a woman, and the issues on how women effect society if you only focus on empowering women as if she is going to battle. If you have a son, and only focus on women, then is that son going to grow to be a man, or a man with a woman's perspective? I prefer to get insight from men, and women so that common ground is found, and objectiveness is taught. Remember if you only focus on women's rights, then what are women to do if they have a son? - Beth

I'm afraid that you have missed the entire point of feminism, which is liberating the individual. Historically the focus has been on women because women have been at a disadvantage because they weren't included as equal citizens. As that has changed, focus has also been put on men. Certainly, men, too, need to be liberated from their traditional masculine roles. I think the best way to begin is for individual men to use their personal examples to inspire others. As for the term humanity--until human rights fully include women's rights, we will need a separate women's rights movement agitating for that inclusion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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