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My Political Science professor keeps on saying that feminism is DEAD. Please help me convince him that it isn't. I will be very grateful for any articles you can share. Thank you very much.

I just finished writing a book proving/explaining that feminism is very much alive. It's called Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future. The biggest indication that feminism is still alive is that feminism is still so necessary to our lives.

For instance consider the following facts: nearly 41% of US citizens are without health insurance; women make, on average, 33% less than men's salaries; most women can't have an abortion; domestic violence is a leading killer of women between the ages of 18 and 40. So, clearly feminism - or some social justice movement - is still needed in an attempt to remedy these injustices - and since no other social justice movement is making a move - feminism has to.

Also, I think that the best indication to feminism's vitality - is to look at how many women are simply living feminist lives. For instance, how many women who are following their dreams and making choices that weren't conceivable for previous generations of women. Even if these women aren't calling themselves feminists, their actions speak louder than words. Your professor seems to be spending too much time relying on the media to present feminism to him rather than looking at the real life examples that are probably right in front of him. Does he really think that you are the lone feminist left to carry on feminism? I hope that helps.


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