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I'm a 17-year-old budding feminist who is working on an essay about the interconnectedness of womyn's poetry and feminist politics. I'm completely stumped as to where to start my research! I am e-mailing all the feminist organizations and sites i can find to see if anyone is willing to give me a few books, authors or famous womyn I can look up. - Raleigh

The connects between feminism and poetry are infinite. In fact, poetry has consistenly been a way for women to express their feminism and their politics. This relates to an even broader connection between women and the arts in general. Arts (poetry, fiction, drama, etc.) are somehow easier for society to digest - and similiarly easier for people to express their true feelings about something. It appears more protected this way. The best way to explain this is to look at feminist poets: Audre Lorde, Robin Morgan, Marge Piercy, Gwendolyn Brooks, June Jordan; read their words and you will hear the truth.

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