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I am a second year nursing student at the University of Sydney in Australia, and I was searching the internet for information on feminism and I came across your web site. I was wondering if you would have any information on "feminist principles that are relevant to the nursing practice". Thank you for your time and help, Rebecca

I'm afraid that I don't know of anything that is specifically about "feminist principles that are relevant to the nursing practice." However, in general, looking at nursing from a feminist perspective there are a few things I would say:

1.) That nursing has traditionally been a female profession and therefore an undervalued profession - say compared to being a doctor. However, as more men have entered the field it has become more respected - and even better paid. So it's good that it is getting overdue respect, but sad that it had to come with men's participation.

2.) I think that we need to give even more value to nursing. Why is it that physician's assistants are more respected than nurses? In part, because the latter is majority male. I think that we need to keep pushing until nursing is as valued as it should be.

3.) The nature of nursing is nurturing, which is a traditionally female trait. However, I think that the more we learn about medicine and health care, the more we realize that nurturing is an essential ingredient for curing, helping patients - therefore, I think that we need to keep pushing for this quality to be valued.

4.) Nursing can be a great benefit to certain feminist issues. For instance, in the United States, there is now Nursing Students for Choice, which is pushing for nurses to be trained in abortion procedures. So, nursing can also fill in the gaps in doctoring. And those are likely to be sexist gaps.


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