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Great site!! I am a post RN BScN nursing student. We are required to know the definitions of radical feminism etc. I hope that you can help with some definitions. Thanks so much - Cassandra.

Radical feminism basically means going to the root of sexism. That is uprooting the patriarchy that perpetuates a sexist society rather than applying short term solutions. Historically, this brand of feminism has held men directly accountable for women's oppression. Also, historically, in 1967 radical feminists in the United States officially launched the Women's Liberation Movement, which remained active in the US until the early seventies. They started Consciousness Raising groups across the United States, hosted sit-ins and other protests and generally speaking sparked an entire movement that continues today. Is that enough? Let me know if you need more. Or you can also read more in Daring To Be Bad - a book that chronicles the radical feminist movement.

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