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Hi! Firstly, may I say what a great website you have. I spent hours reading your articles and essays! I am studying Contemporary Arts, and as part of my study, I have been asked to complete an essay about Princess Diana. Unfortunately, I cannot find any information regarding this subject. I have been asked to discuss Diana as a free-thinking feminist icon, and I would be extremely thankful if you could either help me find any information, or give me your opinions on Diana as a feminist. Thank you very much for your time, Vicki

Thanks for your endorsement of our site. I seem to remember that just after Diana's death, there were a couple of books about her - whether or not they approached her from a feminist perspective is another story. Though I don't have a concrete answer to your question, as a feminist I can provide my perspective on Diana. I think that Diana was very much a feminist - in that she set out to be her own person. She acknowledged her weaknesses and those of the society's, and worked to overcome them both. She was vulnerable and heroic. She seemed very true to herself - and less likely to live entirely by a party line. She dared to be an individual in spite of a societal structure that wanted her to be conformist, a stereotype. She also understood that others weren't yet afforded the opportunities that she was, and, therefore, worked to overcome those inbalances in society.

After having written that, I feel like a real fan - though I wasn't until this moment


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