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I was rhetorically criticizing a picture of Kate Moss and body image using a feminist criticism when I came across this site. I had a few questions and was hoping someone would be able to help me. The symbol for a female, a circle with a plus sign under it, where did it originate? I have heard it has to do with women's vanity and it's resemblance to a mirror.

I also am curious about the businesses owned by women. Aren't there any business owned by women that are available to the general public across America. Any chain stores I would find in a mall? What about products that are available in a grocery store? Thank you - Jill

Your note was packed with questions, ideas, and thoughts. As for the first question about the women's symbol - I actually don't know where it originated, but it seems to be more like a stick figure with a big head than a hand held mirror. As to your second questions about women owned businesses - there are in fact several nationally and internationally recognized companies that are owned by women - The Body Shop, Lillian Vernon, Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Martha Stewart, Urban Decay Make-up, etc. And several still run by women: Liz Claiborne, Warnaco, Avon. (You can also check out Feminist.com's Women Owned Businesses section.)

However, just because a woman owns and/or runs a company doesn't necessarily mean that it is a better company for women. It's likely to be, but there's no guarantee. So we have to be careful to support companies that are women friendly at every level of the hierarchy.


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