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Hi, my name's Ashleigh. I'm writing to you in search of information on the debating topic of 'It's a Womans' World'. Any information forwarded to me as soon as possible would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Thanks for your note. Unfortunately, I don't yet think that we live in a "woman's world," nor do I think that is the goal of feminism. The point is--or the goal is--to live in an equal world. One in which men and women are equally free to pursue their own goals, dreams, etc...

There are many examples to show how far it is from a world that even includes women equally: on average, women earn only 76 cents to the male dollar, one in four girls are abused before reaching the age of 18, and girls are still primarily responsible for work done in the home. So before we can even imagine that "It's a Woman's World," let's start by imagining that women are at least represented in the current world.


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