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Hi, I'm doing a conceptual speech on feminism - I have to express a definition of feminism and show the positivity and negative arguments of feminism. If you could help me that would be great - i.e. what people disputing feminism argue and how to dispute them. P.S. love the web site.

I think that the most accessible definition of feminism is the dictionary definition: the movement toward the full social, political, and economic equality of all people. The positive sides are obviously that it liberates each individual to be an individual regardless of their gender. The negative side could be that it will take so much work to break down thousands of years of conditioning--and some people, I'm sure, would rather live as status quo. In other words, some people would rather live complacently--being told what to do rather than deciding what you want to do. I hope that helps--and sorry again. For more about feminism, feel free to check out all the many articles and resources featured here at the Feminist.com web site.

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