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Hello, I am a college sophomore with two questions. First, I am giving a "challenging topic" speech on feminism to a class of mine. I was looking for information on how men have/can gain from feminism. Do you have any comments or suggestions on where to look for information to support this claim? Also, I will be studying in Washington D.C. next year for a semester (Yea!) and was thinking about interning for a women's organization. Do you know of any credible organizations there besides NOW, etc? One more thing--I lean towards the pro-life spectrum yet still consider myself a feminist on several other issues. Will that effect what kind of organization I should intern for? For example, I like the idea behind Emily's list, but I wish they would expand to include pro-life candidates as well. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Colleen

I think that you had three very specific questions: 1.) About your presentation: I think that men have gained a tremendous amount from feminism and they will continue to. We have to continually remind ourselves that feminism is about liberating individuals, not only about women. Therefore, it is as much about men having the freedom to be who they are as women. I think that men have the right to now be stay at home fathers, and for the workplace to respect that. (Actually, we're not there yet, but we're getting there.) So, yes feminism has the potential to be as beneficial to men as it is to women.

2.) About internships--you should try the Feminist Majority Foundation - they have a great internship program. You chould check out the organizations in our General Women's Resources links. Also, you could look into volunteering on someone's campaign.

3.) As for your pro-life position--I don't think that this is a problem as long as you are clear that this is your opinion and, therefore, can't impart your views on other people. For instance, I think that someone who would choose to have an abortion would be respectful of a choice never to make that decision. The point is that we have the freedom to make those choices, not so much what choices they are.


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