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Hi! I am doing a seminar for my feminist theory class on feminism and identities. I had to read some articles about different types of feminism relating to race, black, latin... I would like to get a debate going that woman need to unite as a whole - and not based on their race. I do understand that woman of different races face different problems throughout their life. However, I was wondering if you have any suggestions or points that I could bring up in my debate. Thanks, Faith

I think that I agree with everything that you have to say about labeling and feminism. I'm not a fan of identity politics, but I am also a white, straight, woman, so I don't feel a need to emphasize my race or my sexuality. I understand that is a privileged place to be and therefore have to respect those who might not feel that way. My concern is more with divisions along idealogies--for instance, liberal, radical, marxist, etc.... I find those more troubling because they seem to divide feminism rather than unite it. I think that people need to be careful not to let those divisions divide us--as it is, feminism is fighting against so much it's important that we know who our allies are.

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