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Hi there, I'm conducting research on why women juggle work and families. I have chosen to relate it to issues surrounding financial, professional and personal reasons. The professor would like for me to apply it to the liberal, radical and social feminist view on what they would argue and what solutions they would recommend. Can you please help me in terms of where I can find this information, as I am having much trouble with it. Thank you so much, Silvana

I think that larger question you need to be asking is: why don't men juggle work and family? Until we remove this dictotomy from being a "women's issue," women will continue to have two jobs, both of which they are undervalued in. I think that this description also explains "why" women do it: because men don't. I think that a more valuable question to be asking is: why don't men do it? And this will inevitably give some insight into why women do.

When answering questions such as these I also think it's really important to think about our own motivations. I want to work outside the home, because society has told me that is what is valuable. But I also feeling obligated to take care of the home, because not doing so means that I am not a "good woman." I hope this helps--and I also hope that you don't read my frustration as being directed at you, but at the question.


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