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Could you please provide me with some information. I'm writing a paper on Feminism and need to know the different types of Feminism that we have. For example Conservative, Liberal feminism. Does this exist within the organization? Any information would be great. Oh yes, also what issues are controversies amongst the groups. Thank you, Maria

There are many types of feminism--for instance those based around identity like lesbian feminists or latina feminists. There are also those branches of feminism which organize themselves around different strategies--for instance, some feminists prefer legal change and lobbying as a means to that change. Others prefer cultural change--changing the cultural climate.

Liberal feminism relates to liberal politics whereas conservative feminism relates to conservative politics. I actually think that the latter isn't accurate, because the basic goal of conservatives is anti-women or anti-individual rights and government support of those rights. And liberal feminism just seems to be emphasizing what feminism already is--liberal politics that is a belief that the government has an obligation to give each citizen a chance at equality.

Because the two groups really relate to their political groups not necessarily their feminism, the issues that divide them are numerous: conservatives are anti-gun control/liberals are pro; conservatives are pro-private education via vouchers/liberals are pro public education; conservatives are anti-a national system of health care--or health care for all/liberals are pro; the most divisive issue seems to be access to abortion: conservatives are anti and liberals are pro. However, this one issue is usually a symbol of any other issues, too.


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