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Do you not think that feminism is in effect a sympathy based exaggeration which in order to fully maintain its highly moral position has to belittle men, by illustrating them as fictional monsters. I can recognize the true legitimacy of domestic violence and even go as far as to say that equality is essential to the future of our civilized society, but and here is my question to you. With equality comes responsibility and will the average women in this highly patriarchal society want this responsibility. It seems to me that women are given a lot of leeway and perhaps the vast majority would prefer this to equality. For example, if a man physically damages a women (which I think is totally unacceptable) then he expects to get punished both from the legal system and perhaps from society in general but when a women cuts a man's penis off, she becomes a celebrity, where is the logic in that? The media is also another good example, as when does the media ever portray a stupid woman, never, but how often does an unintellectual man appear, as the inferior. Equality is a reasonable request, but only if you can accept the responsibilities which come with it. I am actually doing some research into this and so would be very interested in any advice/opinions which you may have, as to what direction to go in and whether or not my argument has any fundamental mistakes.

Thanks for your note. Your argument seems to present a few different hypotheses--some of which I agree with and some of which I don't. For instance, you believe that "feminism" requires "belittl[ing] men," which is wrong. Feminism is about a balance--and as much as it seeks to liberate women from their presumed (inferior) roles in society, it also seeks to liberate men from their presumed (dominant) role. It's about liberating the individual--regardless of gender. The gender emphasis is added because women in recent history have been at a disadvantage when it comes to access to information, to money, to freedom, etc.. So, because I don't believe this is the goal, I don't believe nor do I know anyone who believes that feminism requires belittling men.

Your other point seems to be that some women aren't ready to take responsiblity for their equality--which I entirely agree with. If every woman were ready for this acknowledgment and acting on this acknowledgment, we would be closer to equality. But, as it sounds, I do think that some women don't want to realize their own potential, or don't think that they can and, therefore, belittle it in themselves and in others. But, the point is that feminism is about choice--each woman choosing whether or not to embrace that access. So as long as it's an informed choice--it's okay.


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