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Hi, I am a [male] student at Harvard, and while I do not consider myself a feminist, I do find many of your arguments on the website valid. For instance, I was outraged at the situation in Utah in which 14-year-old girls were being married off to middle aged men.

I was wondering if you could send me some information regarding the group's official stance on political correctness in names - for instance: should mankind be changed to humankind, etc. I would very much appreciate your views on this.

Also, could you please tell me your official stance on pro-choice/pro-life arguments? I would also appreciate that very much. Thanks! John

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and thanks for giving our site a chance. In answer to your questions--FEMINIST.COM is a collection of individuals without a hard line on/policy on things such as political correctness. What we believe in is using appropriate, responsible, realistic language. And we also understand that while language is very important to furthering feminism--actions speak much louder than words. Therefore, our priority is leading by example--motivating people to action rather than talking about things.

As to your second point--FEMINIST.COM--in the spirit of feminism, is about providing all people--especially women--with enough information to be able to make informed choices about their lives. This includes the right to have an abortion. Of course, not every feminist would choose to have an abortion--nor would we ever expect them to. However, we would expect that every feminist trust or support another individual to be able to make informed choices in their lives.


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