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Hello, I am doing a Master's thesis in Women's Studies in Israel on the subject of women's ratings of feminism. Can you give me any help and/or steer me in the right direction? Much thanks in advance, Tsippy

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I am not quite certain what you mean by "women's ratings of feminism," but my guess is that you mean how women interpret feminism or more specifically when asked about feminism how to women respond. This information is gathered through public opinion polls, such as those gathered by pollsters like Louis Harris. Based on these polls, the majority of women support feminism and agree that feminism has improved women's lives.

The difference in most polls is how you ask the question. For instance, when the questioner gives the definition of feminism: i.e. a person who supports the social, political, and economic equality of all people--then approximately 70% of all women are likely to agree with this definition. Without the definition, this number drops to anywhere between 30-50%. And the majority of men and women consistenly agree that feminism has improved women's lives. The Feminist Majority Foundation did a poll in 1995 on these attitudes--so perhaps you could contact them about that study.


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