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I am unsure of the term feminist. I live in the country, and love having children, and taking care of my husband and family. I don't believe that I have to talk back, or be rude to get my way, and I feel very safe letting my husband run the household. Many women here are confused about there roles, and I feel content. But is this a feminist role, or what is the opposite of feminist?

If you go to the dictionary, a feminist is someone who supports the full social, political, and economic equality of all people. Essentially, it's a movement that wants to make sure that each person has enough information, and enough access to resources to be able to make choices about their own individual lives. Feminism isn't so much about what choices people make--i.e. being a homemaker, being a president of a company--but what matters is that women can make these choices rather than presume roles in life.

This goes for men, too. Men shouldn't presume to have to be the breadwinner anymore than women should presume to be protected by the men in their life.

Feminism is about making sure that each individual can be just that--their own person. Of course, feminism doesn't want anyone to be rude in the process, but sometimes there is no alternative. In the name of feminism, here's to hoping that whatever you are doing, you are doing because you want to rather than feel like it was your only choice.


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