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I am a male student at Ohio State University. I'm taking an introductory course in women's studies. One question I have to ask is whether or not feminism is opposed to the "old-fashioned" gentleman. Does general feminist thought approve of acts such as opening a car door and in other ways politely assisting a woman? Thanks, Sam

Thanks for your note. A benefit and a downside to feminism is that it is not a monolith. Therefore, I can share my opinion but that is a feminist's opinion, not the feminist opinion. I think the real question/point is the motivation or the intent. I don't care who opens the door--whoever gets there first. If you simply want to open the door--great, but if it's being done out of some sense of tradition and/or some sense of helping the woman that becomes the problem, because it's not genuine, but assumed. Feminism is about choice--not about chivalry--expect perhaps the freedom for women to be as chivalrous as men.

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