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Hello, My name is Kris. I am a freshman in highschool. In my English class we are assigned to read a biography about any person of our choice, then act like them in front of the class. I chose Gloria Steinem, I admire her (and others like her) efforts for the fight for women's rights, and love her books. I feel that she is the type of person that many female teens my age should know about. I am borrowing a book about her from my local library, but that will not tell me "who" Ms. Steinem really is, it will only show me the efforts she has made toward women's rights. All I am asking is a chance to talk to Ms. Steinem. I need to know who she really is whether it is by phone or computer. If you would please give her my e-mail address, so that I may have a chance to meet her.

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com. Though this isn't a direct route to Gloria Steinem, it's an indirect route since I have worked with her over the past eight years. I know that Gloria will be honored and touched that you chose her for our report. Unfortunately, though, Gloria isn't available to correspond with you directly. She is totally overwhelmed with her existing committments. I wish other people really understood how much is expected of her, then we would all know what overcommitted really meant.

To help with your report, I suggest that you look through past Q&A's here at Ask Amy. I have answered other questions about Gloria--indepth. But, I will restate that she is such a warm, giving person. She loves being at home in her apartment writing away. She is very friendly and funny and one of the smartest people I know. She has a very quick wit and the ability to quote old movies, the Bible and Alice Walker in the same breath. She is adventurous. She refuses to be ladylike--and defies convention, by simply living her life as she pleases.


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