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Hello. I'm 18-years-old and a high school student doing a questionaire for an independant study regarding the steps that are necessary for women to achieve equality. I would appreiciate if you could e-mail me back your response concerning this subject as soon as possible. Please include if you believe these steps to be realistic and if so in what time frame will these steps be achieved. Thank you for time and I'm looking forward to your answer!

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. In order for women to achieve equality a few things need to happen:

1.) We need to revalue--or value in the case of housework--women's work. If you look at professions that are more than 70% female they are low wage jobs, even if they are professions of comparable worth. For instance, child care workers and carpenters or bookkeepers and accountants. Male profession are better paid, even if the skill level, training, education are the same. Therefore, we need to revalue work--is being a stock broker more valuable than a fifth grade teacher? No, so why do we treat it that way. Also, when there isn't a "woman" in the house--things such as keeping house and taking care of children are paid for--so why aren't they renumerated when women do them. Again--revaluing/valuing work. With this all said and done--the world won't be so divided and we can level the playing field a little.

2.) Given the above goal--men need to embark on traditional female paths. Women have proved that they can do what men can do--now what about the opposite? Also, when men start to do certain things, it all of a sudden becomes more valuable. Voila.

3.) We need to valuing parenting--and really this begins with valuing children enough to give then an education--every child, good nutrition, time with both parents, etc.. This dictum must come from the government and also from the workplace.

4.) Along with all of this has to come a radical change in consciousness. We need to live in a society, where it wouldn't dawn on anyone to rape someone, or abuse them or pay women less. We need to radically change our thinking--our morals, and our values and our tolerance levels.


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