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My name is Rhonda and I am an African American college freshman. I have been very interested in becoming a feminist for a long time, and I would like to know the procedures in becoming an official feminist. Thank You, Rhonda

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I don't know whether to feel like the bearer of bad news or the bearer of good news, but there is no way to officially become a feminist. I think the only requirement is that you believe in equality and live your life in some way that reflects that goal. This doesn't mean that you work as a professional feminist, but that you simply are a feminist in whatever you do. Whether it's demanding that you be paid the same as your male counterparts, or insisting that women's history, and African-American history, be a part of history rather than marginalized subjects. It can also mean that you volunteer time at a local shelter--helping those who need it. It can also mean that you give money to support the organizations that you care about.

Basically, it means living a self-respecting life and providing a model for others to live by--that is live by your convictions, be who you want to.


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