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I am e-mailing today because we are doing a project about human rights and as a part of this I have chosen to do woman's rights. Please could you send me some info? Thank you. Yours sincerely, Danielle

Thanks for your note. I'm especially glad that you have chosen to talk about women's rights as a part of human rights as that seems to be an aspect of human rights that is missing. I have a problem with people who choose the term human rights activist over feminist activist, not because people shouldn't be allowed to choose their own terms to describe them, but because the term human rights is still not entirely inclusive of women's rights, therefore, we need to get mobilized and change this. For instance, rape, battering, genital mutilation aren't groups for granting someone asylum in the U.S., but they can be granted asylum if one is in political danger. I think in order to be fair, we need to include women into these human rights' efforts.

And, there are organizations that are doing this work. There is Equality NOW and the Center for Women's Global Leadership based at Rutgers University. You should contact both of those organizations to learn more.


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