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Hi, I am a 19-year-old university student in Istanbul. I am really interested in your web site - it is the best one I have ever seen. I was given a research paper for my midterm score. My subject is about feminist's sexual lives - does their ideology make them support being lesbians or their belief for reproduction or that men are needed? I want to know because you are the only ones who can answer my questions. Thanks, Seda

Thanks for your note. However, I just want to assure you that just as no two feminists are alike, the sex lives of no two feminists are alike. For instance, some feminists are asexual, some are straight and some are bisexual. Some feminists are lesbians, but not all lesbians are feminists.

Feminism's relationship to sexuality is to free each woman (and man), so they can make responsible choices about their lives. Feminism's role is not to dictate that choice, but to make that choice possible and to create a climate in which all choices are respected equally.


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