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I am a college student that needs to know a clear meaning of feminist theology for a class. I need to be able to write a clear definition and explain what it is. The problem is that I have no clue to what it is. I have looked at other web sites, books, and asked people, but I still have no clear meaning of what feminist theology is and how I can explain it clearly enough on paper. Can you please help me? - Tami

Thanks for your note. I think the best way to figure out what "feminist theology" is, is to break down these too seemingly simple words. For instance, feminism is the movement toward full social, political, and economic equality, while theology is the study of religions. Therefore, feminist theology is studying religions from a feminist perspective. For instance, if you look at Catholicism-how do women fare in that religion? Presently not too great. There have been no female popes, high ranking priests--basically the leadership is all male (white male, too). Because the leadership isn't more diverse, women's issues tend to stay on the margins and worst of all, be determined for them by others. All around it's a not a great situation for women. Therefore, to "feminize" religions, you have to work toward equality within them or equal representation.

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