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Could you please help me out with some info if possible, at the moment I'm trying to collect relevant material to go towards my assignment but I'm finding it difficult to get the right information. The essay title is: 'How successfully has feminism challenged patriachy'. If you or any of your fellow collegues can point the way towards any relevant info which may be on the Web I would be very grateful. Thanks, Darren in the UK

Thanks for your note. Feminism has certainly been successful in challenging patriarchy, but it has yet to ultimately triumph over it. When it does--equality for everyone will have been achieved. For instance, "parenting" won't be synonymous with "mothering," low-wage jobs won't be predominately female and higher wage jobs primarily male; male dancers won't be presummed to be gay; and women won't have to fear walking home at night. Though this is still a lot to accomplish, feminism has achieved many things--the right to full citizenship, the right to own and inherit property, the right to divorce, to legalized birth control.

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