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I am a student at the University of Memphis researching gender roles and their places in society. Your website has been very helpful and has peaked my interest in the feminist movement. I have been able to find numerous sources of information regarding feminism, however very little on the male counterpart to the feminist movement. What would you call a man who championed the cause of male advancement, not that he wanted to oppress women simply wanted to advance his gender (if that is possible). Thank you, Allison

Thanks for your note. Though there are certainly men's movements and pro-feminist men's groups, I think simply that any man working for men's or women's emancipation is a feminist. Feminism--by dictionary definition--is the movement toward the full social, political and economic equality of all people. Therefore, the goal of feminism is for each individual to be equal and free to make certain choices about their lives. So it is as much about liberating men in their roles as it is about liberating women in their roles. In fact, I don' think that either gender can be truly liberated until both are.

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