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Hey, I am a 17-year-old female who is in major need of help. I have to write a paper on why women are better than men. I have some ideas but they aren't very good and I don't have enough to write a good paper. I am arguing this point with a guy in my class. I need to make strong points (and good ones at that.) I have to win this debate but I don't think I can. At the rate I am moving at now I am not going to win. I know this sounds incredibly lame but I need help getting good information or opinions. Do you think you could help me? It will be greatly appreciated. If you would like I could send you a copy when I am done writing it. Thank you - Meg

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I think the reason you are having a hard time finding information on "why women are better than men" is that it is impossible to make such generalizations. For instance, there are certainly some women who are better than certain men just as there are some men who are better than certain women. The point of feminism isn't to prove that women are better than men--because that's not possible. It's to prove that women and men are equally capable of achieving similar things.

Also, the point is to focus on each individual--and every individual has different strengths. When many people try to say that women just aren't capable of achieving what men have achieved, I always use as a rule that if you have one exception to the rule than it's no longer true. For instance, that women aren't as strong as men--what about Bev Francis who could pump more iron than Arnold Schwarzenagger. Or that women can't be a bull fighter--the woman in Spain who was a prize winning bull fighter. On and on--clearly each individual needs to find what they are good at and pursue that and when they do it's likely that whether male or female they will succeed. What gets in our way is presummptions that because we are women we are only capable of certain things and ditto for men. So that's the thinking that we need to get past.

Good luck with your debate.


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