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I am searching for information about women's rights. Such issues I am looking for are, work and pay (promotion etc), expectations of women at home etc. (motherhood) the stereotype image (including advertisements using women as a sex symbol), abuse, the view around the world about contributing women's equality. My suggested hypothesis is that 'women are not equal'. If you could be of any help to me, could you please email me. Thank you for your time, Emerald, Grade 10 Theodore State School

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. To help you to prove that "women are not equal" I think that you have to look at your own community since there are so many ways that this could be interpreted. Also, you could use statistics such as the fact that on average women make 70 cents to the male dollar or that every 15 seconds the crime of battery occurs or that why when "sexually transmitted diseases" affect almost 60% of the population are women the only ones encouraged to get tested and offered tests? (If you want more facts specific to violence against women--you should look at the V-Day site. They have tons of statistics.

If you want more statistics about the workplace--the best source in contact the U.S. Department of Labor Women's Desk.

So those are the facts, but often times the best illustration of how women are not equal is to look at your specific community and to look at individual stories to illustrate that point. For instance, if you look at your school--do the girl's teams get the same attention as the boy's teams? What about the male and female teachers--ask around--this is public information--are they paid the same? Also, what do they teach? Do women mostly teach arts and literature and men science and math? Also, look at your newspaper--who writes most of the front page stories - men or women? Also, what stories end up on the front page--for instance, if it's a story about one company purchasing another company it could be the front page--because that is viewed as a "male subject" and if the subject is an abortion clinic being bombed it's further inside--because it's a "woman's story"--and, therefore, deemed less important.

I hope that helps to get your started and that this response isn't coming too late for your report.


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