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I am writing a report on feminism and am asking for your help to better understand the feminist movement. One question I would like to get more info on is: How do men benefit from feminism? Can you send me anything to help or refer me?

I really don't have a lot of time and I have been searching the web for articles on feminism, but can you give me a "quick" summary of what you would say feminism is? I promise not to plagiarize and I will footnote anything I use. Appreciate any help you may have to offer.

The skinny on feminism is that it is the movement toward the full social, political, economic equality of all people. I usually add on to that--that every person has access to enough information to make informed choices about their lives. That includes the right for women to be able to choose to be homemakers or to be CEOs. For men that includes the same right for them to be homemakers or to be CEOS. So men benefit from feminism--because it opens up options for them, too and eliminates a narrowness from their lives--they can have choice rather than a presumed role. Also, it liberates men from their masculinity and allows them to be whole people just as it liberates women from their femininity. Plus, by eliminating the pressure of having to provide--it might extend their average life span to be equal to women's.

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