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As part of my Sociology course I am studying radical feminism. According to one of my research books, radical feminism refers to the idea that for men and women to be completely equal in society they must live totally separately, in all aspects, financially, socially and sexually. This book also quotes Germaine Greer as being one of, if not the, most important and most recognized radical feminist. However, Germaine Greer got married. I dont understand how Greer can be a spokesperson for radical feminism when she has a husband, Thanks, Jo

Radical Feminism--as in the group of feminists that formed the women's liberation movement of the late 1960s--did believe "men" caused "women's oppression. However, you should note that over time--radical feminism has become almost an inseparable phase--many people assume that every feminist is radical. And, in some ways that is true--because radical means going to the root--and feminism is about "uprooting" women's oppression as a way of making men and women equal. I think the difference between feminists is what they think is keeping women down. So perhaps Germaine Greer falls into this latter interpretation of radical feminism.

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