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Hi im a university student from New Zealand writing an essay on feminism. I must write an essay on the following: IN the last fifty years, feminist scholarship has influenced the development of perspectives and methodologies in the social sciences. Choose any one cluster of feminist perspectives or methodologies and :
a) describe its history, development and key features
b) discuss the contribution it has made to social science more generally

Could you please help me - I am having great trouble starting this essay. Could you tell me something that can outline the history development and key features of a particular cluster of feminist perspective? If you could it would be of great help. I am a male and find you site incredibly beneficial and informative. My essay is due in 2 weeks so a reply soon would be appreciated.

Thank you for taking time to read this email - Matthew

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM --and I have a feeling that I am writing too late for your report. If I'm not, here's my two cents on your assignment: I'm assuming that psychology fits as a social science. Pre-the feminist movement of the 1960s--the only analysis of psychology was a Freudian one, which turned out was actually very anti-woman. However, before a feminist perspective of psychology (in the U.S. that is mostly the work of Phyllis Chesler and Julie Mitchell) women were left to assume that Freudian analysis was destiny. With a feminist perspective--we learned to question "wish fullfilment" and other things that avoided the real issues--child sexual abuse and sexism at large.

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