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Who are the leading female and male activists of feminism? Please write back and let me know. Thank you, Brian

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. Pinpointing the "leading female and male activists of feminism" is quite a difficult task. For starters there is:

Betty Friedan (who wrote The Feminine Mystique and co-founded the National Organization for Women); Gloria Steinem (who co-founded Ms. Magazine, the Ms. Foundation for Women, Voters for Choice....); Ani Difranco (a musician); Mia Hamm (the famed soccer player); Byllye Avery (who founded the National Black Women's Health Project); Judy Norsigan (who founded the Boston Women's Health Book Collective); Anna Maria Nieves (founder of Urban X); Marlene Friend (who runs many pro-choice organizations and who is a professor at Hampshire College); Marcia Gillespie (who is the editor-in-chief of Ms. Magazine); Dorothy Height, Florynce Kennedy, Patricia Ireland, Ellie Smeal.....the list goes on and on to include women who are changing women's fate in large and small ways. Some do it in issue specific ways and some are like umbrellas covering many issues.

As for men--John Stoltenberg, Michael Kimmel, Robert Allen, Joe Kelly......again the list goes on and on. Good luck with whatever you need this information for.


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