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I'm a student at Colorado College and our Feminist Collective is interested in getting something like a "consciousness raising group" started to discuss womyn's issues and to provide support for each other; could you direct me to information on how to set such a group up, if there was a blueprint? If there never was a "plan", could you at least give me a better idea of how the CR groups of the Second Wave worked? Thanks a lot. - Cathy

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I'm actually in the midst of co-writing a book on feminism (Manifesta: Young Women/Feminism/The Future) and one of the things we talk a lot about is both the historical aspects of consciousness raising or CR as well as the need for more of it today. As for blueprints of how to begin your organizing--I have three suggestions:

1.) Third Wave--a national organization for young feminists between the ages of 15 and 30--has how to kits--which include steps on how to initiate this type of organizing.

2.) The afterword to Gloria Steinem's book Revolution From Within has a "road map" or sorts for organizing.

3.) #2 also mentions the NOW Guidelines for CR, which you should be able to attain from you local NOW and/or from their National office in Washington, DC.

If you would like--I can send you #1 & 2--just send me your mailing address.


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