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Hello, I am a student at Florence Darlington Tech. (which is a college). In my ethics class we were asked to write a paper on any topic of our choice. The topic I chose was "Does Feminism Provide a Positive Direction for Society?". So I was woundering if you could give me your opinion or facts on this topic. I have found many articles but I need someone's opinion on the issue. Please if you would I would gladly appreciate that. Sincerely, Ellymay

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and I can honestly say that yes - feminism does provide a positive direction for society. In the most basic, but also most radical sense, it raises the standards for all of society--it encourages society to be about individual contribution and individuals rather than divided into groups. Also, it requires a radical restructuring of society--the workplace, the family, etc...It involves ameliorating all of the stereotypes and, therefore, all of the pressure to be someone/something you aren't. It also encourages everyone to be who they want to be and for society to change to match those wants. What could be better? I hope that helps, but write back if you need further assistance and/or details.

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